Before I start- Hello and welcome to The Naked Philologist (like the Naked Chef, but with grammar jokes and less chance of embarassing burns). I intend to use this blog to post soundbites of Interesting Stuff I think or learn this year, as I experience the joys of an Honours year in Medieval Studies at the University of Sydney.

That means you will be hearing rather a lot about Archbishop Wulfstan of York, and a particular manuscript of his, Cotton Nero A.i. There may even be a regular feature (Thesis Thursdays? Wulfstanian Wednesdays?).

You will also be hearing, for first semester at least, about Sir Gawain and the Green Knight and adventures in Middle English. The proffessor taking my Middle English seminar class- henceforth known as Lolo- sets us weekly summary tasks: three etymological or editorial notes, and one article summary. These make for nice soundbytes which will undoubtedly appear here. Week two’s etymological notes, on the Middle English incarnation of the verb þyncan, thinken, can be found over on my livejournal.

What other phantoms and nerdy ghosts inhabit this space is yet to be discovered…

I started this blog about a fortnight ago on Blogger, only to be locked down as a potential spam blog. Here’s to better luck on WordPress 🙂


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