Useful things I have discovered on the road to productivity:

* That setting up in a library or other studious location will perforce jolt the brain into some semblance of studiousness, even in the face of fourth-year-itis. It remains to be seen what happens when the library fills up at the end of semester and my search-and-destroy typing methods drive everyone batty.

* That you really do use your left hand more when typing. Whaddya know?

*That making plans and having short-term goals is really, really important, in the absence of frequent undergraduate assessments.

* That nine months is NOT a long time in which to write a thesis.

*That I am going to DIE in the month of June.

* That the Bocera thinks I should apply for PHDs to start next year, and then defer if I REALLY think I’m burnt out, but “no one does anything in the first year of a PHD anyway”.

*That said Bocera is going on holiday commencing two weeks before my thesis is due, and coming back just on the due date. Current plan is, this will force me to have the thing finished early. Suspected outcome is, Awesome takes over final editing and/or crisis control.


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