I’m a real nerd now!

I just submitted my very first Inter-Library Loan Request. This arcane power is not available to general undergraduates, but is granted to Honours students (possibly because it is like crack to a true library nerd, and will lure us on to postgraduate study through the promise of ever more obscure journal articles). I’m sure Awesome breathed a sigh of relief when I enrolled in fourth year, after having spend third year requesting obscure articles for me. (Why do we stock the Franciscan Quarterly, but not the American Benedictine Review? Why do we have a Canadian Literature collection but not stock English Studies in Canada? I ask you!)

Soon, soon, Wilcox’s ‘The St Brice’s Day Massacre and Archbishop Wulfstan’ will be in my hot little hands.


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One Response to “I’m a real nerd now!”

  1. Robert W. Franson Says:

    Yes! The Internet is becoming a cornucopia of formerly obscure and hidden books, now made almost casually available. But it’s still good to hold a book, and especially fine to hold a book that for many years I’ve seen referenced, but never found a copy in bookstore or library. For rare and specialized volumes, Inter-Library Loan is great.

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