Sex Libris

medieval,winterlilliesBrandon‘s discovery of the hottest library smut on the internet reminded me of a suggestion someone made me the other night1: I ought to see if the BL’s website had a manuscript description for Cotton Nero A.i. Sure enough, they do (a nice neat list of contents), and in the process I have gained a severe case of library envy. Look at those collections!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, when I’m transcribing in Fisher Rare Books, I’ll be thinking about the British Library.


1. Oooh, look, a dative pronoun!

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One Response to “Sex Libris”

  1. B. Hawk Says:

    Those collections are, indeed, lovely.

    Another Wulfstan/Cotton Nero A.i related question for you. I noticed that the BL lists the “Hymnus de S. Dunstano” between the Sermo Lupi (Bethurum XX) and the next homily (Bethurum XXI), and I confusedly scratched my head in wonder. Why had I never noticed that before? So I went to my photocopied Loyn TOC and facsimile pages of the two homilies–and, while Loyn doesn’t include it in his TOC, there’s the hymn, at the very bottom of the last page of the Sermo Lupi, squeezed in, but seemingly not by the scribal hand, and it doesn’t seem that it was planned in the ms when it was compiled. I had seen it before, but took no notice because it seemed just a marginal addition, and I couldn’t make out what the text says anyway.

    This may affect my argument for the paper I’ve been working on, but I suspect not, since this hymn seems added after the fact. Still, have you encountered any scholarship on this? Does Loyn possibly mention this text in the introduction, and I just missed noting it? I searched some databases with some possible keywords for articles, books, anything that might discuss it–but I came up with nothing. Any thoughts?

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