Academic Advice

As I was planning out my year last week, various people have reiterated the necessity of taking days and even whole weekends off in order to preserve my sanity. At dinner on thursday- over several glasses of wine and not a little (thesis related) whine- a couple of (mostly)respectable academics decided to provide me with instructions on how to take time away from the Thesis, without feeling guilty.

Apparently what I need to do, in order to take 24 hours or more sans-thesis, is to go out a couple of times each semester and get blind drunk, in order that I spend the next day too hung over to think about matters academic.

Yes, folks, that’s what we call Serious Academic Advice here in the Australian university system.

Apologies to the Law faculty for pinching their official anthem.


6 Responses to “Academic Advice”

  1. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    Actually I think the Anglo-Saxonists in Cambridge might advise something similar 🙂 It’s the European medievalists who would tut. This is nothing to do with why I did my doctorate in London instead I assure you.

    Gawd, I’m drenching your blog in comments here. Stop writing entertaining things at once!

  2. highlyeccentric Says:

    >>It’s the European medievalists who would tut.<<

    this is not supported by the evidence of our only current European Medievalist here, Dr David Juste, a crazy little belgian man who drinks like a fish and specialises in astrology.

    I’ll stop being entertaining when I have nothing to procrastinate against (from? what is the correct preposition here?). So… around November 😀

  3. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    I need to rephrase: I mean ‘the British medievalists who work on Europe’. Once you’re across the Channel there are no finer medievalist drinkers in the world than the Department of History at Utrecht, so maybe it’s a Low Countries thing?

  4. highlyeccentric Says:

    Maybe it is…

    And now that I think about it, the handful of teetotalers I know of in the CMS here are all European-ists…

  5. Common Ground « The Naked Philologist Says:

    […] for setting a good moral example to the degenerate footballers of the nation. Wulfstan would not be encouraging students to drink their stresses away. Wulfstan might even argue that the inebriated escapades of those who should know better are in […]

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