Better than a stress ball.

Since everyone liked the idea of drunkenness as a coping method, this week, I shall share with you a stress management tactic I actually practice.

Stuffed Toys. Fabulous things, in their own right. I happen to own a (small) collection named after Patristic theologians, but that’s another story.1

The newest addition to my collection is a fluffy puppy by the name of Wulfstan. He lacks the fearsome expression you might expect, but is a satisfyingly floppy creature. He can be picked up and shaken in frustration; his limbs can be twisted around and his stomach squeezed, as one would a stress ball; he can be hurled across the room in moments of great distress; he will lie on top of piles of books and guard them devotedly; he will listen intently to the most boring study related monologue; he will maintain his expression of eternal floppy optimism in the fase of all crises; he can be shoved in a handbag and taken on another tedious trip to the library; and in addition to all this, he is fluffy and soothing to stroke.

Best of all, being a stuffed toy, he is unlikely (and really, unable) to object to being the object of re-directed Thesis Angst. This is a saintly quality not possessed by the general public around one.

Accordingly, I recommend everyone invest a stuffed toy or two with the spirit of their academic work.


1. Well, a pair. But I’m working on it.


4 Responses to “Better than a stress ball.”

  1. B. Hawk Says:

    What sort of Patristic theologians do you have… and where did you get them?! They sound awesome.

    I think someone should create stuffed Anglo-Saxon figures. There’s a market out there for them, I’m sure.

  2. highlyeccentric Says:

    I have an Origen- a very small teddy, about a thumb high, given to me as a ‘calm down silly woman’ present by a boyfriend when I was obssessing over a Religious Studies presentation.
    And I have an Augustine, a stern, rather unhuggable sitting-up-bear whom I rescued from a discard pile which I think was on its way to a church garage sale. He sits on my bookshelf and mutters Augustine-ly about my un-rigorous lifestyle. (Although, like the real Augustine, I suspect he’s entirely too interested in the ways and means of sinning for a supposedly pious bear.)

    That’s all so far. I’m waiting for the perfect bears to adopt as Irenaeus and Jerome; I may have to copy someone on my LJ flist and get a Tertullian the Turtle, too.
    I think St Isidore would make a good stuffed toy. And Aelfric, of course.
    And if I ever see one of the ‘princess’ beanie bears again, I’m buying her and naming her AEthelthryth.

    As for stuffed anglo-saxon figures- if there’s a Beanie Moses out there, I’m sure there are enough nutters for a limited edition set of Beanie St Edmund. A warrior-like Alfred the Great?
    Oho, a Cnut, in ahistorical Viking horns, sitting a throne, a la the great ‘stopping the tide’ myth! (Particularly amusing if he was waterproof… you could dunk him in the sink every now and again, just to take him down a few pegs.)

  3. Jennifer Lynn Says:

    I do that! I have a stuffed-pup named Brownie that gets beat up a lot.

  4. highlyeccentric Says:

    isn’t it therapeutic? 😀

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