Balderdash for everyone: internet etymologist alert

Courtesy of WordPress’ tag surfer function, I present to you Balderdash for the Medieval Gay, by ChristopherWilliamsDance. The site describes the weekly feature (definition and etymology of an obscure and medievally derived word) as a compendium of queer words for the modern fag with a passion for the Middle Ages added hebdomadally on the Sabbath day.

With words such as ‘wergeld’, ‘spraints’, ‘rood’ ‘exuviae’ and ‘haruspicy’, CWD’s compendium of queer words is suitable for anyone with a taste for etymology and the obscure. It also appears to be the only constituent of his blog.

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2 Responses to “Balderdash for everyone: internet etymologist alert”

  1. christopherwilliamsdance Says:

    My humble thanks for spreading the word, your eccentric highness! Anyone who would include Aelfric and Wulfstan among their tags is hereby granted honorary “Medieval Gay” status!

  2. highlyeccentric Says:

    A compliment in the highest degree!

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