The only Sydney academic at K’zoo…

will be my supervisor. My regular class/meeting is getting moved around and me all confused, so’s he can be there. So someone had better go and hear his paper. Google tells me it’s entitled Solomon and Saturn and the Homiletic Tradition and it’s in session 134. I would tell you all about how awesome and groundbreaking it is, but to be honest he’s never mentioned anything to me about it. He is very wise on matters homiletic, I can vouch for this. Go listen to his paper and ask him complicated questions.

Oh, and his name’s Daniel Anlezark. He’s a nice man. He does not look, or act, anything like these respected Australian icons:


One Response to “The only Sydney academic at K’zoo…”

  1. B. Hawk Says:

    I wish I were going to K’zoo so I could hear it! My whole last two semesters have been working with homilies, and this semester I was tracking down homiletic-poetic connections. Too bad I can’t hear the paper.

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