This is what a happy nerd looks like.

Observe the satchel, stuffed full with the fruits of the library. 1
Observe the scuffed shoes, the baggy t-shirt, the rumpled hair.
Observe hunched-over posture.
Observe the arms, barely managing to clasp three volumes of Anglo-Saxon Law Codes, all neatly wrapped up in Document Delivery paper.


Observe the little old lady congratulating me on finishing my thesis.2 If I ever write anything which I can barely get my arms around, I may have to kill someone.

Observe Wulfstan-puppy, his floppy limbs vainly trying to stretch the length of the cover. He shall stand guard over these precious works while I’m out to dinner at Awesome’s place.


1. Which nowhere includes AElfric’s life of King Edmund, all copies of ‘Lives of Three English Saints’ being out, Skeats ‘Lives of Saints’ being missing or hidden in the amorphous mass of Early English Text Society publications, and all editions of Mitchell and Robinson in the library being too early to contain it. Anyone know of an online edition? Another of student guide to Anglo-Saxon which may have King Edmund in it?
2. Maquarie Uni earn bonus points for not having lost their copies. *Glares at USyd Law Library* But, on the other hand, they lose points for still having them in pristine condition, barring a few neat pencil notes. Library books should not look like just-bound theses, people! They should be well used and well loved!

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One Response to “This is what a happy nerd looks like.”

  1. april Says:

    I have King Edmund (mitchell and robinson 7th ed). You want I photocopy for you? I can leave it with mel or bring it to college if you tell me how to leave it for you. I have also translated it. Is fun. Hedgehog. te hee!

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