Bo, at EXPVLSION OF THE BLATANT BEAST, has a long and complicated post on Taliesin. He discusses the relationship between the historical and the mythological figures; the difficulties in scholarly analysis and the vast problems with neo-pagan interpretations. Also, towards the end, there is a Dr Who reference ;).

I have nothing to add, except that back when I read an awful lot of fluffy Celto-fantasy, I always thought Taliesin was particularly hot…


2 Responses to “Taliesin”

  1. Bo Says:

    lol! thanks for the plug! The more I think about the doctor who thing the better it fits!

  2. highlyeccentric Says:

    No trouble! The more readers get shared around, the higher everyone’s stats go 😉 Besides, people should know when there’s Interesting Stuff a-going on on the internet somewhere. *And* it saves me thinking of content for a day or two.

    The Dr Who thing would be fun to follow up… Alas, I am not taking fluffy second-year English Arthurian Lit courses this year…

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