Why the Naked Philologist Blogs: A Meme

Some time ago, before I even started NP, the lovely JLJ tagged me with a meme. Its terms are thus:

Give three reasons why you blog.
Repeat the meme rules.
Tag three bloggers to continue.

Three Reasons Why The Naked Philologist Exists

LJ,medieval,writing1. I wanted to have a platform for Half-Serious Medieval Thinking, without boring the pants off my LJ flist, and without frightening off Serious Medieval Bloggers with my tendancy to post random tidbits like what I had for breakfast, when blogging on LJ. Medieval Blogging is useful for sounding out ideas- if I can’t convince the Internet that what I’m working on is interesting, I certainly can’t convince Microsoft Word. I started medieval-blogging with my LJ audience, or a handful of members of it, in mind, but now it’s reached the point where I have two discrete types of blogging going on, so two different blogs it is. Meanwhile, that use may be dying, because I’m realising that I should hug my best ideas close to my chest and make articles out of them.

2. The Naked Philologist is just such a fabulous name for a blog. Once I thought of it, I had to blog under it, otherwise someone else might, or worse, no one would. And that would be a sad situation.

acid_ink,Ursula Vernon,awesome,silly3. I like attention. No, really, I do. In less bratty terms, I rely on positive feedback. The further along one goes in one’s study, the less gold stars one gets. The blog is filling a gap in my motivation. Every day my stats remind me that some people do find the things I work on interesting. I throw out whacky ideas and snippets of my thought processes, and the fact that people read it and sometimes even drop by with constructive comments… That really helps. Even if what I’ve put up is nothing to do with what I’m working on. Besides which, obviously now that I’m touting myself as fantastic all over the internet, I had damn well better *be* fantastic in academic endeavour, hadn’t I? Or at least try to be?
So there you go. Instant motivation 😀

awesome,love,praiseoh, and 1/3 hybrid: I really do like the community of blogging medievalists. You blokes are real quality, right. And it’s worth blathering on just to get to hang out with you fine sheilas. [/ridiculous ocker accent. don’t ask me why]

And taggings… Brandon, have you had the meme yet?

And I’ll be lazy and say anyone else who wants it can have it. Go crazy, folks.

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6 Responses to “Why the Naked Philologist Blogs: A Meme”

  1. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    Your icons are fantastic, and I’m right with you about reason no. 3. But, since you mention it and are Teh Philology and so on, what is the derivation of `ocker’? I’ve often wondered and never found out.

  2. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    Also, I can’t close my tags. Point and laugh, people.

  3. highlyeccentric Says:

    You know, I have no idea. Wikitionary tells me it’s from an old TV show, where Ocker was a ‘general nickname’, whatever that means.

  4. highlyeccentric Says:

    And I’m glad you like the icons 😉 I spent *hours* today doubling the size of my icon album!

  5. B. Hawk Says:

    Great meme! These always give such an interesting look into a blogger’s mind.

    I’ve been had! Well, I haven’t been tagged, and I’ve been avoiding it because I’m afraid my answers will be trite… or possibly difficult to actually put down. But now that I have to seriously think about why I blog, I’ll get to it–probably next week sometime. Thanks for the tag.

  6. highlyeccentric Says:

    Haha, here’s me making you get all Meta and everything… 😀

    These always give such an interesting look into a blogger’s mind

    I think I’ve just revealed that I’m an incorrigible attention whore… but if I weren’t, would I have an LJ in the first place?

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