Suck you too!

LOL!Manuscripts reflects on the humourous properties of the Long S.

The “Descending” or “Long S” is ubiquitous in Renaissance publications; a holdover from Carolingian minuscule handwriting and black letter print. Usually, it just makes reading original texts a bit more difficult, but on rare occasions, when you least expect it, the EEBO Gods will give you a spectacular typographical gift. Therefore, I give you examples of the “long s” paired with variations of the totally innocent word “suck.” The results — outstanding.

I was going to complement this with a short clip from the Vicar of Dibley 102 ‘Songs of Praise’, but for some reason (unlike every other Vicar episode known to mankind), that episode has been completely removed from YouTube. All I can offer you is the entire thirty minute episode here.

Ye are the falt of the earth, and fainted…

I shall sit on the right hand of the Lord and he shall be my… ‘Succour. And he shall be my succour, thank you Alice!’


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