Proctology: a truly medieval pastime

Read about John Ardenne and his (illustrated) treatments for anal fistula, over at Scribal Terror.
Cool, huh? Pity he never extended his talents to Obstetric fistula. We had Catherine Hamlin speak at a College formal dinner a couple of years ago, and I can’t help wondering- if John Ardenne, in the fourteenth century, had turned his hand to treating Obstetric fistula in the West, in the fourteenth cenutury, if seven centuries later the treatment might not be so hard to come by in the two-thirds world.


4 Responses to “Proctology: a truly medieval pastime”

  1. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    Oh please, you must must start getting the dodgy websearch hits now…

  2. highlyeccentric Says:

    I’ve been getting them for a while now… people seem to think that I feature ‘french older naked men’, for some reason.

  3. highlyeccentric Says:

    I’m also getting *floods* of readers from WordPress Tag Surfer every time I tag something ‘sex’. Perhaps I should just tag everything ‘sex’?

  4. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    The power of Freud compel thee!

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