I have utmost respect for my lecturers…

Really, I do. (Well, the ones I talk about here, anyway. There have been some… but we won’t go into that.)

It has come to my attention that Lolo emailed the fellow from the Chaucer Studio at Adelaide with a link to my post praising their recording of Sir Gawain, and that said Chaucerian (Burton, perhaps?) responded in amusement, ‘I didn’t know they called you Lolo!’

I feel this is a good time to point out that I’m not being intentionally disrespectful here- the Lolo thing was an in joke started by the Latin reading group, and the only reason I’m hanging onto it here (given that he comments under his own name, and it doesn’t take much thinking to figure out which Sydney-based Middle English scholar I’m learning from) is so that if someone googles him by name they don’t get my ramlings, they get his academic homepage.

Same goes for anyone else I may refer to  by lighthearted pseudonym (the Bocera, Awesome, etc…). They all know who they are, you could probably all figure out who they are, and I swear on my honour I’m not attempting to mock any of them in any way.

Just to be clear on that.


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