Humourous Iconography

Ursula Vernon is a graphic artist with wide-ranging interests. (Note- the entire LJ is behind a PG-14+ barrier, due to her tendancy to post about her personal life in varying detail.) I’m not sure whether she had a catholic upbringing, or if she simply has a good eye for religious iconography, but consider these two:

(Icons by acid_ink).

Currently, she’s been posting a fictional sanctorale, featuring characters like St Barnaby the Belligerent, who didn’t like Huns any more than he liked anyone else. Meanwhile, the suggestive St Mellivora and the Sausage and St Wombus and the Zuchinni leads inevitably to St Ungo the Well-Endowed, a saint beatified based on the testimony of eighty-six different women, who all claimed that yes, definitely, miraculous, hoo boy, you have NO idea, seriously, without ever saying exactly what the miracle in question had been.

Go forth and enjoy.


2 Responses to “Humourous Iconography”

  1. Robin Z Says:

    I believe she has mentioned being a lapsed Catholic, yes.

    I actually bought one of the limited-edition Owl Saint prints.

  2. B. Hawk Says:

    A very interesting turn of neomedievalism. It’s intriguing how saints are viewed by people now (especially from a secular angle) compared to how they were viewed in the medieval era. This is just one more way into understanding what postmodern people think about Christianity and its symbolism–and it always gives some sort of food for thought.

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