In Praise of Demoralising Scribbles

O Internet, you have no idea how awesome Awesome is right now. (Aside from the fact that she’s loaned me her house and her bookshelf and her cat for three weeks…)

All those demoralising scribbles which, as I’ve said before many times, made getting an essay back from her the most angst-inducing experience I’d experienced since the last time I got an essay back from her? Yup. Them. Right now, I could erect a shrine to demoralising scribbles.

I was back at college tonight and sensibly picked up the marked version of my Judith essay, just to see if Awesome said anything handy in it that I could change before I submitted it to the competition. You know my ‘so what’ problem? The fabulous woman left notes all through the essay telling me where I needed to put in a little mini so-what sentence to direct the argument. Plus she corrects my tenses and other useful things.

Do you have teachers that fantastic, O Internet? If you do, make sure you appreciate them proper while they’re still teaching you.


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