As promised… grammar jokes!

Once upon a time, I promised that this blog would be ‘like the naked chef, but with more grammar jokes and less chance of embarrassing burns’. To that end, I spent tonight learning to use GIMP image editing program.







These and variations on these themes can be found in my LJ

Oh, and tip of the hat to Michael Drout, whose Beowulf movie review gave me the blog name and the desire for an icon that said ‘Do Philology Naked’. Now I have the blog AND the icons, I am a happy nerd.


4 Responses to “As promised… grammar jokes!”

  1. kishnevi Says:

    I am impressed (and jealous). You can animate! My GIMP skills are limited to cropping, resizing, and superimposing text.

    The rant I promised (illustrated, courtesy of Michelangelo and GIMP, with God’s rear end) is posted at my blog now, btw. I am so glad I didn’t actually have to pay for that book!

  2. highlyeccentric Says:

    I only just figured out how to animate last night. There’s a really simple Online GIMP animation tutorial here.

    *bounces* I have a hobby that’s not studying! Yay for GIMP!

  3. insurditate vero Says:

    Ahhh, the old ‘declining’ joke. =)

    Good Latinists never decline sex, after all. =P (‘Sex’, or ‘six’, is an indeclinable noun in Latin for you non-Latinists!)

    I really need to learn GIMP one of these days….

  4. highlyeccentric Says:

    They don’t? It isn’t? Oh, that is FABULOUS…

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