“The rest is really boring”- a note found scrawled across 2/3 of the entries in my thesis research notebook.

I am eschewing content right now due to thesis, procrastinating, and working very weird shifts in college reception.

“The rest is really boring” may or may not be the eventual conclusion of what was supposed to be my Seven Sleepers series, too. Will think about that when my brain isn’t full of check-ins and check-outs and nuns.

Oh, did I mention the nuns? College is full of nuns (and dentists and feild roboticians, but they’re less interesting). The nuns are here for World Youth Day, they wear full habits, and they’re utterly adorable. We also have a scattering of ‘consecrated women of Regnum Christi’, which sounds like a sort of modern confraternity. (PS: NUNS, SQUEE!)

Entirely unrelated: have an icon celebrating the possibilities of high medieval slash.

medieval,history,me,Why the hell not?

That’s Anjou/France: One True Pairing, for those uniniated in heraldry and/or fanfiction.



  1. kishnevi Says:

    Are any of the nuns nuns on the run?
    Or failing that, do any of them have a suspicious resemblance to Whoopi Goldberg?*

    *They do show her films there, even if it is The Other Side of The World, don’t they?**

    **Further thought on you being on The Other Side of The World: Did you ever pause to think that you live relatively close to where Dante imagined the Garden of Eden?

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