Guerilla Medievalism!

This I learnt today, courtesy of the Cambridge Companion to Old French Literature:

During the Occupation of France (WWII), a French patriot whose name I have forgotten arranged for the editing, covert publication, and distribution of all known recensions of the Chanson de Roland.

*Grins* Who said medieval studies wasn’t good for anything?


One Response to “Guerilla Medievalism!”

  1. Aven Says:

    Back in May I saved a post of yours about “Some principles for using online sources” for undergraduates. I was wondering if you would mind if I used an adapted (i.e. tidied up and focussed on Classics) version of that post as a handout for my classes? I always struggle to articulate the criteria for good online research, so I’d like to be lazy and use your words. 🙂

    I think you can get my email from this comment — if not, I’ll check back here to see if you replied in the comment thread.


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