Attend Conferences, Get FREE Books!

Four Reasons I am glad I’m attending AEMA:

1. Brisbane! It is lovely. And calming. 🙂 Although I am not getting much thesis work done I feel a lot less stressed than I did in Sydney.

2. JAEMA, the Journal of the Australian Early Medieval Association (gratuitous spruik: get your library to stock it! Or at least ask nicely.) I like my complimentary member copy, as this year’s edition contains interesting writeups of last years’ papers, including Rosemary Huisman’s ‘Narrative Sociotemporality and complimentary gender roles in Anglo-Saxon Society: the relevance of wifmann and wæpnedmann to a plot summary of the Old English poem Beowulf’. The conference version saved my bacon in my Judith essay by giving me a framework in which to talk about the gendered (masculine) significance of weapons. The journal version, I suspect, is going to save my bacon in my Beowulf essay this semester by giving me a starting point for talking about how the poem is structured around community relationships.

3. Speaking of JAEMA, guess who gets a free review copy of the new Blue Book? ME, THAT’S WHO. The Old English Homily: Precedent, Practice and Appropriation ed Aaron J. Kleist. It has one Wulfstan chapter, by Andy Orchard (as opposed to three or four Aelfric chapters… sigh…), which has already put a spanner in my thought patterns by suggesting that the Sermo Lupi suits the late 900s as well if not better as it does 1014. SIGH.

4. The Co-op Bookshop, who are sponsoring the conference1, gave out showbags. With free books. Mine (I don’t know if they were all the same) is The Meaning of Everything: The Story of the Oxford English Dictionary, which is quite the engaging read.

This post was going to be accompanied by entertaining icons, but the hostel internet is disagreeing with photobucket. So please IMAGINE I entertained you with icons.


1. Yes, this conference has sponsors. Plural. And a swanky meeting room with complimentary notepads and a different kind of lolly in a bowl on the tables each session. Just one of the many interesting differences between AEMA as hosted by in Sydney by the USyd CMS and AEMA as hosted in Brisbane by the Catholic University. There’s quite a high international attendance rate; instead of last year’s glut of Anglo-Saxonists, there are countless Patristic period historians and theologians; and there seem to be fewer people attending who aren’t giving papers.


2 Responses to “Attend Conferences, Get FREE Books!”

  1. B. Hawk Says:

    I’m jealous of the homilies volume–I’ve had my eye on it since I heard about it about a year ago. Good for you, though!

  2. highlyeccentric Says:

    I’ve had my eye on it for a while, too, but didn’t think a copy would ever land in my lap like this!

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