Professorial Quote of the Day:

The Bocera explains to his second-year class why Anglo-Saxons create themselves a ‘martial-arts version of Christianity’ (that’s not his quote, that’s from a paper K, my insider source on all things second year Anglo-Saxon studies, was reading):

It is necessary to construct a warrior Christ, as in Dream of the Rood and Christ and Satan, because the Anglo-Saxon heroic ethos respects courage, defiance, and most definitely not letting yourself get murdered by your enemies.

This, the Bocera intones, is because Christianity is a religion for looooosers.

(In the best Germanic sense, that is.)

St Edmund: Christian martyr, Germanic loooooser.

Full credit to the Goblin, K, Eggs Maledict and Pixie, who reported this gem of professorial insight to me.


6 Responses to “Professorial Quote of the Day:”

  1. daiskmeliadorn Says:

    the sydney anglicans’ recent visiting speaker, mark driscoll, was also trying to shake of those weak christian looooosers.

    check out this post on their discussion page, for example

  2. daiskmeliadorn Says:

    (just the start of that post, not the long bit. there are other scary bits around the website about driscoll if you’re a masochist)

  3. Eggs Maledict Says:

    No matter how many “o”s are put it, one can never match the beauty of that man’s intonation in text…

  4. highlyeccentric Says:

    Sadly, that is true.

    I wonder if I could record him?

    You know he’s giving a paper at 3pm tomorrow?

  5. Eggs Maledict Says:

    Uh…no I didn’t. Damn. I’ve agreed to work…horrible timing.


  6. highlyeccentric Says:

    Yeah, I’ve agreed the same. ‘Tis a nuisance.

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