Blogging in all directions at once!

Eep, third post in two days, what has gotten into me?

This is a heads-up to say that I’ve posted the fourth review in my Banned Books Meme.  Some time last year I got hold of the American Libraries Association’s data for books most frequently banned or requested to be banned, 1990-1999. A bit out of date, but I couldn’t find later data at the time, and no one keeps this data in Australia at all. I had only read seven, so I set out to read another ten by the time Banned Books Week rolls around again.

Review Number Four is of The Color Purple, and in it I talk about Alice Walker’s choice to narrate the story in first person, in (possibly an inaccurate representation of) black patois, and the effect of this on the reader. I also talk a bit about the novel’s polyamorous dynamic.


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