Pleasant surprise!

Well, what do you know. I froze my fingers off on a trip to the letterbox just now, and lo and behold, my copy of Medieval Feminist Forum Winter 08 has arrived! Had a quick look through the index, and there’s a promising-looking article called ‘Gazing at Gawain: Reconsidering Tournaments, Courtly Love, and the Lady Who Looks’, by Elizabeth L’Estrange. :D:D
So, er, there. I have proof that the Society For Medieval Feminist Studies does still exist. And there shall be tangible benefits from having won that student essay prize – namely, the periodic arrival of journals in my mailbox.

Now, I should probably try (again) to contact them and find out what happened to the other part of my prize, the bit where they were going to publish my essay in the online version of their journal. Someone’s very good at not answering their emails…


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