Hey hey!

The Voynich Manuscript was the subject of an XKCD joke today. It wasn’t a particularly hilarious joke, but it’s still nice to see someone making medieval manuscript jokes.

I don’t know much about the Voynich MS, but I hopefully I will soon! Waiting on a friend to send me through an essay of his, which I will then edit, which looks at the images rather than the text. It’s for Medieval Cosmology, so it should be highly entertaining, although I think David, the lecturer, has given him a false impression of my brilliance in the matter of medieval cosmology.


Help, anyone?

Does anyone have a decent resolution copy of the Medieval Sex Flowchart fromĀ  James A Brundage’s Law, Sex and Christian Society that they can email to me?

It’s not actually for me, mind – I’ve made friends with a very intelligent young lady, who happens to still be in high school. She overheard me and some other friends reading Middle English one day, and was curious – so I started throwing medieval literature at her. I’m probably fostering my own nemesis, since she could read the Chanson de Roland, not perfectly, but as well as I can, the first time we showed her Old French.

Currently, there’s some kind of independant project going on which involves Chaucer (my fault) and Ovid (her teachers’ fault), and requires the Medieval Sex Flowchart, but we can’t find a copy of it of suitable resolution to use in a class presentation.

If anyone has a copy saved from when it did the rounds of the blogosphere, I would be delighted if you could email it to me at highlyeccentric AT gmail DOT com. If not, she’ll have to hie herself to the nearest academic library and find it.

(Also, uh, hi! Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. Not the most brilliant of months. I did graduate, though, and distinguished myself by being one of the only two girls wearing pants at the ceremony; and by half-falling down the stairs after being presented with my red folder thing.)