Hey hey!

The Voynich Manuscript was the subject of an XKCD joke today. It wasn’t a particularly hilarious joke, but it’s still nice to see someone making medieval manuscript jokes.

I don’t know much about the Voynich MS, but I hopefully I will soon! Waiting on a friend to send me through an essay of his, which I will then edit, which looks at the images rather than the text. It’s for Medieval Cosmology, so it should be highly entertaining, although I think David, the lecturer, has given him a false impression of my brilliance in the matter of medieval cosmology.


One Response to “Hey hey!”

  1. Nick Pelling Says:

    If your essay-writing friend would like a copy of my 2006 book on the Voynich Manuscript (which has plenty of art history stuff), please get him to drop me a line (nickpelling@nickpelling.com) …. 🙂

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