In which history is fun!

Following on the thread of “why are we doing this, again?”, one of my LJ friends, tarimanveri, has posted a slice of one of the charters she’s working on. Go over here to find out about Haimo and his brother Hervé, and the preservation of their memory.

And from her commentary:

It’s moments like this that make reading all these charters, and picking apart their contents to separate the formulas from the feelings, and the actions from the actae (I know, that’s bad, I should go to bed), worthwhile. There are always certain things you can tell from reading charters, even when you can’t be sure whether the motivations and sentiments they record are sincere or standardized or somewhere in between, but the times when you can be sure, I think there’s a deeply moving immediacy to the encounter with the people of the past, and one that’s rare and hard to come by in medieval sources. When it’s there, well, it brings home the fact that these are people that really lived, nine hundred years ago, and that their charters have, as this one says, “[kept] the memory of us in the world.”



One Response to “In which history is fun!”

  1. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    Amen. I have a charter post about to go up and it is amenable to this treatment BECAUSE THEY ALL ARE. Ahem, yes, sorry.

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