A seasonally appropriate costume!

I wouldn’t normally go around posting photos of myself on this blog, but this was just too good not to share. One of my friends had a housewarming last night. Theme: villains.

Somehow, it became imperative that I dress as the Green Knight. Observe:

I need to work on my costume design skills – I cut the neck-line far too wide. The costume, such as it is, consists of green tights, a long strip of horrid green satin (I picked it out especially for its horrible luminescent quality), a lovely bottle green curtain tie (which comes permanently looped, so very easy to slipknot around oneself and the weight of the tassel pulls it taught), a green felt handlebar moustache (cut from a moustache template one of my colleagues made for Movember), and a metric fuckton of green hairspray.

I found a green broom to disassemble and use for a staff. Sadly, the town was devoid of toy axes yesterday. I then LOST my moustache somewhere in the town centre, in the fifteen minutes between changing buses (I am proud to say I walked into a burger shop and ordered a burger and chips dressed like this and sporting a green moustache). This saddened me greatly, but, on the other hand, when I GOT to the party, there was a pot of green body paint already there for someone else’s costume, so my face and neck and arms were suitably green-ified.

I’m half-tempted to do this over properly – sew a green tunic, paint up a length of dowel for a proper staff, and figure out how to make a fake axe. I’m also tempted to dye my hair green, I think it rather suits me.


7 Responses to “A seasonally appropriate costume!”

  1. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    There is nothing to safe to say when the subject of comment is armed and painted green, but, that moustache is at least four hundred per cent higher in villainy than the average moustache and could have gone to the party by itself, so congratulations on that as well as the whole rest of it etc. You may be right about the hair colour, too.

    Is a fuckton bigger or smaller than a shedload, by the way? My Boy’s Own Handbook doesn’t have the metric measures in up to that size…

    • highlyeccentric Says:

      A metric fuckton is ten times as big as a shitload. I am unsure how this relates to a *shedload*. How big is your shed?

      It was a particularly villainous moustache. It’s the design, I think – my colleague had a lovely chocolate brown one, also made of felt, and it was just as villainous as my green one here.

  2. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    A metric fuckton is ten times as big as a shitload. I am unsure how this relates to a *shedload*. How big is your shed?

    Well, come on! I might just as well ask how big’s your fu—I mean, er, about twelve feet by five by five with a shallow-angled roof peaking at about seven feet. And no, I don’t want to do the maths either. Moving on!

  3. Hannah Kilpatrick Says:

    That is gorgeous. 🙂 In a scary way. You could have substituted a holly branch for the axe?

    On a more sober note, I suppose you read/are aware of parergon? I just noticed there’s an article by Joanne Findon in the January 2005 issue about female friendship in Yvain, and thought of you!

  4. Big News I & II (& III, IV… ) « A Corner of Tenth-Century Europe Says:

    […] think I have time to retrain. And, dammit, I still didn’t look like Terry-Thomas and the Naked Philologist’s moustache was still better than mine and she didn’t even have to grow it. So in the end I have reverted to what I am more […]

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