Today is link day!

My friend Kari has just launched her own academic blog. Strange Student is (going to be!) full of resources for self-directed learning. Kari plans to lend some help and advice to students who come to higher education through non-traditional pathways (such as homeschooled young people or mature-age students), provide resources for those who want to learn more outside of the classroom, and to provide links to the best online education materials (with a history-specific bent).

On Mondays she’ll be posting about college (university), and she’s started off with a clear, concise post entitled Is College Right For You. I don’t know if I’ve got any followers who are debating their possible university career, but if you are, you might want to check out Kari’s post – you’ll get a lot more in the way of balanced advice from her than from me (pssst UNIVERSITY IS AWESOME). Dean Dad, Kari’s series might interest you; likewise anyone who’s in a student-advisory type capacity in academic administration.


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