Quick flying post

Jon Jarrett has been signal-boosting the ANZAMEMS CFP, which reminds me: I’m going! In spectacularly last-minute style, I’ve secured a spot in an Arthurian panel, where I will be giving a paper with the entertaining title ‘Submission to whom: love and consent in Cligés‘. I’m all about the entertaining titles, and also about meaningful analytical content. That’s right.

Many other exciting people are likely to be there! And I hear New Zealand is nice in February. You, miscellaneous denizens of the blogosphere, should definitely come.

In other news, I am still in Marking Purgatory! But I’m really, really enjoying teaching, so that’s the price one pays.

The only really interesting thing in my existence right now is that I’ve had a short story published in Semamphore Magazine, a NZ-based magazine of speculative fiction. It’s entitled ‘The Same River Twice’. I’m pretty thrilled to be in the company of Shweta Narayan, whose work I’ve been following for a while, and several other excellent authors of whom I had not heard until now.


3 Responses to “Quick flying post”

  1. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    That’s a really nice little story. Congratulations!

  2. Annelise Says:

    I just read your story… I like it. I’m fascinated by life being spun across these seasonal rhythms- breathing, waking/sleeping, months, the seasons, and real death and birth. Even the parts that symbolise dying are so vital to living. The image that catches me is how my dad worked in Antarctica for a year, and there were months where the sun never set, but only dipped around the sky; then, never or barely rose. Otherworldly. The broken Rhythm in your story reminded me of this.

    In Persephone’s eternal summer portrayed as a wintered waste-land, I’m reminded of ‘Ash Wednesday’. On the other hand, her sure fidelity to Nature and to a relationship, the tension of full freedom within that contraint, are so full in imagery and nicely played. What is ‘good’ in winter, summer and autumn is well defined in her original symbol of spring. While seeking winter and avoiding the confinement of the ‘norm’, I like how the interest is still genuine freshness of life… Without some contrived allure of Actual Dying, yet the image you paint is not simplistic or romanticised. It’s fascinating. Your retelling catches the essence of two distinct yet matching experiences of culture, within each other, in apt characterisation and landscape.

    Even though it seems that the ‘eternal’ and ‘infinite’ must be the *most* full, varied and seasonal, I’m caught by the resonance of Myth that embodies one element of experience within an entire cosmos. To me, this sort of endless wandering, experienced within a terrestrial exile, is what makes ‘The Same River Twice’ so interesting. The ‘atmosphere’ tells Carl’s story more strongly than the narrative does, which is perfect. Rather clever.

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