I am alive, I swear

Just stupidly busy. Apparently writing a thesis full-time, taking one unit of study, and teaching four hours a week is exhausting. Who knew?*

I’m having fun, though! This week I get to talk to first-years about Old English. Cotton Claudius B.iv is a gorgeous manuscript, incidentally: we’re showing the students the intro to Genesis in three different forms of English over a three-week period, and since the edition we had of AElfric’s Genesis was taken from Claudius B.iv, I went down to Rare Book and obtained a scan of a couple of pages from the facsimile. It’s beautiful. My heart still belongs to Junius 11, and sadly the Claudius facsimile is only available in black and white, but damn, it’s gorgeous.

Here, have a Horrible Histories account of the death of Edmund Ironside:

Nevermind that they’ve erroneously called him Edmund II. I never knew there was a Horrible Histories TV show at all! Also, why does Death look like Lucius Malfoy?


*Most of you, probably.


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