I have only one thing to say right now

and that is that I wonder what it’s like to be able to dismiss fifty percent of the human population at any given point in history as

* boring
* irrelevant to your topic of study
* a matter for political correctness, rather than good scholarship

Some of us don’t get that luxury.

[Ed: ok, as a scholar of the literature of rich white people in Europe in the 12th century, I am probably not really one to talk. But I do know that the peasantry EXIST! And that non-white people EXIST! And I don’t tell people who study peasants and/or non-white people than their field of study is irrelevant.]


3 Responses to “I have only one thing to say right now”

  1. Hannah Kilpatrick Says:

    Pff, you don’t study rich white Christians, do you? What did they ever do that was interesting!

    There, now that’s out there on The Internette. 🙂

  2. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    Some of the same things as poor white Christians. BUT WHICH ONES that’s the issue etc.

    Sorry to hear of your encounter with the brute, Ms E. I apologise on behalf of the thinking members of my gender.

    • highlyeccentric Says:

      🙂 Terrible pity is, the individual in question is quite a respectable thinker in his own right, and I have great respect for him and so far as I know he really likes and respects me as a former student of his. Just… blind spot the size of Jupiter.

      Thanks Jon 🙂

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