Published in stuff!

None of it academic, and all of it slightly old news. However, I have some creative stuff published! A short story, The Same River Twice, which ran in Semaphore Magazine, is also featured in the Semaphore 2010 anthology (hard copy; file copy and New Zealand edition).

And I had a short poem, New Bones, published in Sandstone, the 2010 Anthology put together by Masters of Publishing students at USyd. I haven’t got hold of a copy of the Semaphore Anthology yet (I’ve been waiting on the international edition), but I’ve read most of Sandstone and found the stories and poetry to be intriguing and varied.

So, there you go, if anyone’s desperately looking for anthologies to read, I recommend those two.


2 Responses to “Published in stuff!”

  1. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    Congratulations! You’re racking them up! And being anthologised, too, which is a testament to your works’ appeal to editors’ judgement.

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