One for the “What’s Middle English good for anyway?” files

Another thing to add to the list of reasons why the Middle English portion of my education, and Lawrence’s SGGK seminar in particular, seems to be the most broadly-applicable and unexpectedly useful part of my degree:

It seems that the only thing that will put me to sleep on a long-haul flight is the Chaucer Studio recording of Sir Gawain. Couple of hundred lines in and I’m out like a light. Unfortunately I then get woken up by the shouty bits, but you win some, you lose some.

I’m wondering why it never occurred to me to try the Gawain effect on regular old insomnia and whacky sleep patterns…

Furthermore, evidence suggests that the Netherlands and Belgium exist! The whole reality/history barrier will be up for more thorough testing over the weekend. Apparently there’s a visit to Aachen on the cards. (And by ‘apparently’ I mean my hosts rattled off a list of place names and when that one came past I bounced in my seat and said ‘there, there, yes please!’. Although I am struggling a bit with the fact that Aude was in fact fictional and therefore doesn’t have a tomb…)


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