I should be in bed

Just a quick note to say that I’m done with France. Done! Pity – I was only just feeling like I had a handle on the whole speaking in French thing.

Had a ‘oh dear, too much medievalism’ moment the other day. I’m sure that one’s reaction to the Musée de l’Eroticisme is not supposed to be ‘needs more medieval content’…

On the other hand, I deeply disliked the Musée Nationale du Moyen Âge for having too much medieval content all in one place. Stuff! Everywhere! It was more overwhelming than useful, really.

England tomorrow! Still haven’t finished Leeds paper. Deeply looking forward to being somewhere where I won’t be the subject of a range of attentions from the charmingly flirtatious to the downright creepy every time I set foot on the sidewalk.*

Also looking forward to another VERY FAST TRAIN and then the joys of british railways. Shuddup, I’m secritly a transportation nerd.

See you all on the other side of the ditch…


* If England is as bad as France in this respect, no one tell me. I’m placing my faith in the celebrated British reserve, here…


6 Responses to “I should be in bed”

  1. Kath Says:

    Hey –
    Sorry I forgot to say goodbye! Great fun at Leeds. 🙂

  2. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    The railways in Britain are, actually, not as bad as they used to be. Nowadays their principal failing is bits one needs being shut for scheduled maintenance; it used to be bits being shut because something unscheduled had gone badly wrong through lack of maintenance, to which was added persistent late running, dirty stock, rude staff and legendarily awful sandwiches. Most of these we now escape, which still doesn’t mean we hold a candle to either French, German or Spanish systems of course. (Portugal’s and Italy’s railways, on the other hand, make Britain’s look positively up-tight IMLE.)

    I hope Britain has at least avoided the `downright creepy’. That is always my personal aim in all interactions.

    • highlyeccentric Says:

      Blast. My attempt to reply via email failed miserably!

      I have decided that all the vagaries of the British railway system can be blamed on the activities of the Department of Magical Railroads, whose work getting the Hogwart’s Express in and out of King’s Cross causes strange confusion across the entire muggle train system.

      Britain has, so far, avoided downright creepy! This is mostly because “appallingly rude” isn’t creepy, per se. The chaps on the train from York who stared at all the female passengers and pronounced us ‘decent’ or ‘not decent’ as we boarded the carriage deserve some sort of award for arseholery. Also, I got called trash on the tube the other night! I’m kind of proud.

      As for you – do I seriously have to deliver you the annotated List of Reasons Why Jon Jarrett Is Not, Based On Current Evidence, Anywhere Near Creepy? Because I can. It’s a substantial list.

      • Jonathan Jarrett Says:

        Annotated, yet? I’d almost rather the notes than the reasons. But anyway, leaving me out of it: since no-one else is likely to, can I just apologise for the crass idiots you seem to have had the misfortune to meet on public transport in this country; that’s actually really bad and I’m sorry about it.

        Your explanation of the railways, though, that might have something in it. They seem to have been unduly troubled by extreme weather just lately. can this, CAN IT I SAY, be unconnected with the fact that King’s Cross have just reinstalled the spoof half-trolley and Platform 9¾ sign outside the station? I THINK NOT.

        • highlyeccentric Says:

          Oh, you don’t need to apologise for them, there are morons on public transport everywhere. At least these ones are very straightforward about it.

          It’s the only possible way to explain British railways. Also, the concept of Platform 9 3/4 makes a lot more sense once you’ve discovered stations in which platform 4a is attached to platform 1, but 4b is elsewhere.

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