I have a somewhat shameful confession to make

I had a truly, unashamedly fantastic time at the Leeds dance. I didn’t even need my Irony Hat for very long. Basically, a venue in which you can get both Lady Gaga and Credence Clearwater Revival, and no one expects you to be _actually_ able to dance – this is my ideal kind of venue.

Certain modern pop songs, though, should really be avoided, because they should never be danced by people who are mostly sober and keeping a professional hands-off distance from one another.

And I wasn’t aware that the ability to dance the Macarena was going to be necessary in my academic career.


4 Responses to “I have a somewhat shameful confession to make”

  1. magistra Says:

    I wasn’t at Leeds 2010, but as compared to previous IMCs, my impression of the dance was that the music was better (or at least more familiar to my mid-40s tastes), but that the dancing wasn’t quite as fun as sometimes. There were several distinguished professors who were not there this year, and some of the most notoriously exuberant dancers were more restrained than normal.

    It is not, of course, necessary to be able to dance the Macarena at Leeds: it is only necessary to be willing to dance to the music of the Macarena. I considered attempting to imitate the moves of those who clearly knew what they were doing with that one, and decided that sticking to my normal vague boogieing was better. But yes, it is nice to be able to let one’s hair down at the dance (literally, in one blogger’s case).

    It was great to meet you and I will now be able to hear your posts in the right accent and intonation in my head, which will add an extra layer to them.

    • highlyeccentric Says:

      Given my many years going to bush dances, where such novelties as the Macarena and the Chicken Dance feature as inter-set light entertainment for children, I really ought to be able to dance the Macarena. But some things are just not on my skillset, obviously.

      It was fantastic to meet you, too 😀

  2. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    I have never seen the Macarena danced by so many so unconvincedly. But yes: something is missing from Leeds when Rosamond McKitterick and Walter Pohl aren’t dancing. At least we can always rely on Stuart Airlie. And conversation with Jena has left me with several clear ideas for requests next year!

    • highlyeccentric Says:

      I think that the Zorba Dance would be fantastically hilarious in the context of Leeds. And I wondder if the DJ has a copy of ‘History Is Made By Stupid People’, that would be remarkably apt.

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