A post may happen

1. I went to Cambridge! It was fiendishly confusing for such a small place. Far be it from me to insult medieval academia, but that town could really have done with the invention of the profession of Civil Engineer. You get the feeling that the roads are not so much roads as generally-agreed-upon spaces between buildings. And what’s with the various roads named Something Hill which are NOT ACTUALLY ON A HILL?

2. I’m still really tired from Leeds and it’s making me cranky and confused. Between having a cold, and the foolish lack of sleep, and the sudden drop from Lots of Social Interaction to Less Social Interaction… well, I’m a bit of a confused wee Highly. And now I’m in London.

3. Confused or nay I *will* get around to writing up some notes on Leeds. At the very least, I should manage the Summary of Dick Jokes Presented At Leeds.


6 Responses to “A post may happen”

  1. treeandleaf Says:

    And what’s with the various roads named Something Hill which are NOT ACTUALLY ON A HILL?

    I have spent quite a long time looking at the various alleged hills of Cambridge, trying to spot the incline.

    It’s an odd little town (though it grows on you, and despite the weirdly poor street lighting, I think I like it better than Oxford).

  2. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    The town was not designed with vehicles in mind, and I don’t think anyone ever expected it to get as large as it has. Also, the colleges have encroached quite a lot of space that is more visible on old maps. The hills, however, are complete misnomers: there’s only one real hill, and the Normans built most of that.

  3. T Says:

    I worked in Cambridge for two summers and came to love the labyrinthine streets, especially when I was out drinking and needed to hide from my students. I’m sure you would have noticed the hoards of European kids there for summer language programs. What did you think of the Time eater/Corpus clock?

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