Absolutely I’m avoiding writing my paper


1. I haven’t cooked anything for three and a half weeks. This is starting to become something of a problem. Fortunately for my current hosts, my technically-doing-work-at-the-BL status is keeping me from going a little unhinged in their kitchen.

2. There are not enough hugs in England.

3. There is also not enough sleep in England, or while travelling generally, and every couple of days my body (or more likely my current set of medication) overrides all other priorities and decides I should sleep through all my alarms.  For several hours. It’s getting wearing.

4. The world is very small and the world of medievalists is even smaller. I met a bloke on a train who’s friends with my associate supervisor.

5. I have seen very little of London and I’m OK with that. I think  I’m tourist-ed out by now. I’d say I need a rock to hide under, but the BL is filling that niche nicely.


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