I have seen science in action!

And it is… completely incomprehensible to me. But then I am threatening to natter at my good host about gothic and neo-gothic architecture when we get out of this very shiny chemistry building, so fair is, in all likelihood, fair.


3 Responses to “I have seen science in action!”

  1. Annelise Says:

    I’m curious! Is this the thing of scientific sorts that your friend is working on? I’m not very well acquainted with Science in her actual intricacies, but I am fascinated in the Layperson Kind and would be interested in hearing what science in action is like!

    • highlyeccentric Says:

      Science in action involved a lot of machines and beakers behind a perspex shield! My friend was causing a series of reactions which, he hopes, will create particularly strong rings of a certain metallic compound, and, by means I do not understand, give them memory at the atomic level. Basically, I have no idea but it looked impressive.

  2. Annelise Says:

    So good! Reactions are always cool, especially to uninitiated persons… But that sounds genuinely fascinating on a conceptual level as well. I hope his hypotheses work out into something fascinating for him to work with 🙂

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