To help remember all your kings, I’ve come up with this song…

Another instalment in the annals of funny things I promised to show Jon:

All due thanks to my housemate K, who must have a good reason for watching this over and over again.

Also, unrelated: at the IAS I was given a copy of this book. Acroyd’s ‘The Death of King Arthur’, a modernisation and slimming down of Malory. It’s readable, and, well, I would’ve liked it a lot at fifteen, but these  days, if I must read Malory I have the Oxford World’s Classics translation and I ought to read the original. This one strikes me as good for non-specialists and especially teenagers, but my Dad’s already got a translation and no one in my family has suitably-inclined teenagers.

If anyone in England would like this book, for themselves or teenagers (even pre-teens, if they have high reading levels) they know, lemme know. It’d save me carting it back to Australia, after all.

Another note – to whomever it was who entered this post in the Down Under Feminists Carnival, ta muchly. Sorry I didn’t say anything about it before – I was in transit when the carnival went up. 🙂


4 Responses to “To help remember all your kings, I’ve come up with this song…”

  1. kayloulee Says:

    It’s that it pleases me to have English royalty cavorting like in a music hall. Also, I like long complicated joke songs. Eventually I’ll memorise it and then no one will be safe!

  2. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    “Time for more men.” Always the way, isn’t it. Thankyou, I feel more educated already and am still not sure how many actual actors were involved there.

  3. Chally Says:

    You are a welcome Highly!

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