I am going away now

I am going away now. You will get some posts while I’m in a tin can in the sky. I don’t think any of them are liable to induce drama, but, y’know, pls don’t start drama.


5 Responses to “I am going away now”

  1. Jonathan Jarrett Says:

    strikes orational pose

    Now is the winter of our—

    Oh, don’t. Sorry.

    • highlyeccentric Says:

      Have i mentioned lately that your intellect, o jon, is exceeded only by your sheer ridiculousness?

  2. Annelise Says:

    Haha, brilliant. The strange spheres where intellect and ridiculousness intersect, crossfire or become resplendently indistinguishable 🙂

    Welcome back then to the sunny winter of Sydney! Hope your flights were kind and that you’re able to rest well before (and during, when possible!) beginning semester again.

    • highlyeccentric Says:

      Well, I slept for sixteen hours, does that count as resting well?

      • Annelise Says:

        Ooh, I think I know that feeling. Traveling the entire planet in a day merits epic sleep!

        You’ve been running around Europe as well, working on various things, so it would have to be a double-fledged rest wish- sleep being matched with time with friends and such as well. Just to feel like you really live in one place, sleep in one room and know the same people/places again!

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