Notice to students

This semester, I happen to be tutoring on a course that involves the Song of Roland, and some Chrétien. Given that I’m the top google return for ‘Marvels Song of Roland’, and this search string turns up with great regularity, it’s highly likely that my students are going to find me.

This is a notice for students of Medieval Studies at the University of Sydney, fourth-year French at same, and indeed elsewhere:

1. Blogs do not constitute academic sources, because they have not been through peer review.
2. Yes, some of my undergraduate work is up here. Feel free to chase up my footnotes; replicating my argument would be foolish in the extreme.

Advice, and, eventually, a running list of resources for students can be found on

5 Responses to “Notice to students”

  1. Bram Cleaver Says:

    You are not the top Google return for ‘Marvels Song of Roland’.

    You are the top TWO Google returns for ‘Marvels Song of Roland’!

    Go you!

    • highlyeccentric Says:

      I’m the top return on, at any rate!

      • Bram Cleaver Says:

        I guess American Google is just better at promoting you than Aussie Google.

        I have a friend who is going to be teaching a medieval women class this semester and she is going to be using Ywain and Gawain (and Knight of the Lion); considering her interests I think she would really enjoy and appreciate the paper you gave at Leeds. I told her I would ask you if you would be willing to have her read your paper (she would of course cite you in her course biblio if she were to use any of it in class) as I thought she might find some of it useful for her course.

        • highlyeccentric Says:

          Sure, sure, but she might find Joanne Findon’s article (in Parergon, it’s online) a better bibliography resource!

          • Bram Cleaver Says:

            I’ll direct her to that article in case she hasn’t read it, but she definitely doesn’t need material for background and research though; she is a rather exceptional scholar. I have just been thinking that (knowing her personality and sense of humour) that she would really enjoy your assessment of the two works and also that your personal take on the the “love rhombus” might appeal to her (this is the friend I told you about who coined the term “homoawkward” when a homosocial/homosexual debate when on far, far too long). I can’t remember her email off the top of my head, but if you are willing to have her read it you can send it to me and I’ll have her get back to you (as I said, if she were to use any of it [even a sentence] she would absolutely cite you in the course biblio]).

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