Allow me to introduce my new… friend

I hate to say it, but I wasn’t much of a fan of either Oxford or Cambridge. I don’t know why: they just felt wrong. It might have been that I was in bad moods both weekends, it might be something to do with the fact that the carefully-cultivated sense of intellectual inheritance (and snobbishness) of University of Sydney* doesn’t actually give you any idea what to do in a smallish city full of crammed-in buildings. I don’t know very much about these places, nothing I’ve studied ever happened there, and I’ve no idea what modern attractions one ought to see.  The polar museum in Cambridge was pretty fun, though.

That being said, allow me to introduce John de Nowers. Unlike the rest of Oxford, I feel a certain fond connection to him.

Monument of John de Nowers, Christchurch Cathedral, Oxford

I may have groped him in a rather personal area.

By accident.

I swear.

He’s 6″6, y’know. *eyebrow waggle*

Also, he died in 1386. Story of my life, really.


* Sidere mens eadem mutato. I can’t translate it properly but you get the idea.


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