Vale, Academichic

I’m really rather sad to see Academichic close up blogging for the forseeable future (although I do admire their coherent conclusions to the blog). I liked their blog a lot: I’ve not yet found anything in the fashion-blogosphere with the same combination of ‘things I could see myself wearing’ and ‘conversations about clothes that I find interesting’.

I think I’ve said on here – I’ve been angsting probably more than is warranted about clothes in the last year or so, and in some ways picking up reading Academichic might have contributed to that.1

A couple of links to Academichic posts I found particularly interesting:

E., on the history of floral patterns and on the history of the brand Bannana Republic

S., on visible-pregnancy in academia; wedding rings and job interviews and the practice of corseting

First E, then S and then A and then S again on cultural appropriation in fashion.

I have been particularly interested in A.’s posts, which are often about dressing as a queer woman in academia.

So, there we go. Not medieval at all2, but Academichic has been a constant in my blogroll for quite a while now.


1. I have, in fact, a lot less angst about dressing now than I did a year ago. I think a lot of my concern was about going through a professional shift (pure student to student-and-teacher), and one in which I was deeply invested (as opposed to my previous shift into the public service, in which I didn’t think of professional clothes as self-presentation so much as an ill-defined uniform – L. of Academichic had an interesting post on the difference between dressing as drag and dressing as uniform which I found quite apt). Anyway, that’s another post and probably not one for this blog.
2. There’s a medievalist over at In Professorial Fashion, but her content never touches on her field.


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