I love teaching, I really, really do

My students assigned me a tutorial presentation this semester.

I have to talk about the importance of Joan of Arc to modern French cheesemongers. Seriously. This was an option on the list of assessments; wisely, they avoided it, but declared it to be my task.

I can’t decide what to do about that: find some Joan of Arc cheese, show them pictures, be done with it? Or do some research and present an Actual Paper, with a proper argument and everything, and make them give me feedback on it?


One Response to “I love teaching, I really, really do”

  1. Annelise Says:

    Haha- that is officially ridiculous!

    The genre of the question demands exemplary argument structure coupled with plausible *yet absurdly far-fetched* conclusions and handling of evidence. A singularly excellent way to the highlight purely structural/rhetorical features of a well-flowing argument; build close rapport with your students, and (most importantly) ensure that you get to mark a sizable pile of satirical revisionist essays by the end of semester 🙂

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