I meant to post this in March…

But here is a wall in a pub in Dunedin, New Zealand, which has been… added to, shall we say, by medievalists. Zoom in and read the scribbles around the edge. You should find commentary in Latin, Old English and Welsh. Also I think we were responsible for the injunction to swim between the flags; and I can’t read the writing on the far bottom left, so I don’t know what language it’s in or whether we did it.

A chalkboard wall with a picture of a buxom woman. Insults in various dead languages scrawled around her.

We also did this:

A chalkboard with a couple arm-in-arm. Added Latin text: "Semivir"There’s an ‘S’ in the light of the camera flash.

And that, folks, is why medievalists are the most fun to travel with.


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