An update concerning swallows

In this post, I erroneously asserted that we don’t have swallows in Australia. I have been corrected. I present to you: a correction regarding swallows, by Highly’s Dad:

Don’t mean to be picky, but, Swallows, we has them! We has them, my precious!

Three species described in Readers Digest Complete Book of Australian Birdies. One species is limited to pockets of the NT, but two species have widespread ranges across much of the country, and one of them, the Welcome Swallow has actually thrived and increased since European settlement.

They love big open buildings. The hangars at work are fitted with ultrasonic bird deterrents to stop them from roosting inside in their hundreds every night, and depositing corrosive crap on our aircraft.

In [location redacted], years ago, when we did test runs on [aeroplane] engines, groups of swallows used to play in the jet wash by flying over the plane, swooping down and surfing the exhaust for 30-40 metres, then pulling up and flying back to do it again.

And Mum just reminded me that the old [location redacted] shopping centre used to have a population of swallows that hung out inside.

(seizing opportunity to edumicate the edumicated one.)

You may now all consider yourselves informed about swallows.


3 Responses to “An update concerning swallows”

  1. Annelise Says:

    On the other hand, we definitely don’t have those swallows… The kind that flock multitudinously around high works of medieval architecture at dusk as you walk through old towns and cities. Kind a different thing.

  2. Annelise Says:

    *Quite a different

  3. Chally Says:

    I feel informed now.

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