Institutional logic at its finest

I can now be contacted at four different USyd email addresses, each formatted slightly different from the other. Two involve my name, two involve my student login code. One involves an old mail domain which is supposed to have been defunct for three years.

I access these email addresses through two different institutional webmail services. I use three different usernames and two different passwords to do this. All of them forward to gmail, two by means I have recently established and two by, so far as I can tell, the magical powers of the gremlins in the tubes. Also, I can only send mail from three of the four email addresses.

Only one of these email addresses is supposed to stay with me for the rest of my life, the alumni one; but based on current evidence, all the others will lurk around like a bad smell forever, as long as I don’t actually rely on them for anything (when relied upon, they will promptly become erratic about what they forward for me).

On the bright side, thank you, USyd, for the free, permanent alumni address! Being young, and named by unimaginative people, I came to webmail too late to snare an email address that bears any resemblance to my name. Chances of applying for jobs using a stable email address which doesn’t proclaim my own sense of oddness to the world? VASTLY IMPROVED as of today.*

* Or as of two years ago, when the account was created for me. It’s not the uni’s fault I only just figured out how to access it.


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