Tumblr: full of pretty pictures!

Today, in lieu of content, I shall bring you shocking news. Contrary to popular belief, the social networking site known as Tumblr is not exclusively devoted to nudity and pictures of cats. Here are some medieval and/or otherwise pertinent things you can find on Tumblr:

  • Medieval Love – lovely medieval things.
  • Medieval – much the same, but with a greater propensity to post manuscript images.
  • Old Book Illustrations – mostly 19th/early 20th century engravings, but that category covers matters Arthurian. I dunno about you, but I have a huge soft spot for 19th-century engravings, especially the ones based on pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist art.
  • Better Book Titles – what it says on the tin. (On its own domain, but also a tumblr. How confusing.)
  • Shit my students write – “Publicising to the intertubes” is beyond my personal boundaries of Stuff To Do With Alarming Or Amusing Things In Essays, but sometimes I wonder if I could induce my students to proof-read better by showing them some of these as a warning.
  • Fuck Yeah, History Major Heraldic Beast – there’s an explanation I could give for these memes (an image photoshopped onto a bi-coloured background, meant to typify and mock a particular group of persons), but I shan’t. Point is, this is how (some) history majors vent their frustration and mock themselves. It is amusing, in a repetitive sort of way.
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2 Responses to “Tumblr: full of pretty pictures!”

  1. T Says:

    Thanks! Had a giggle at ‘ Shit my students write’. I have some great lines from when I taught in Spain, perhaps I should join tumblr.

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