Courtesy of Lawrence: medieval timepiece found in central Queensland. Pretty nifty!

In other news, I hate it when you set out to argue one thing and send up arguing the exact opposite. For instance: I have a discrete section of my thesis which clearly states that it was supposed to be arguing that Yvain and Gauvain are not engaged in any subtextual shennanigans and I disagree with the person who says they are… and I still disagree with the person who says they are but now I think I have better reasons than him for thinking so. *facepalms*


One Response to “SHINY!”

  1. Annelise Says:

    That’s amazing!

    And oh, I’ve done that too… The times where you develop your argument more fully while you’re actually writing it, and then have to rework the first part of your paper so the new argument is structured as well as it should be. If you have time.

    This is part of why people who write books often do so much better once they’ve been lecturing or writing about their topic for some time, I guess! All part of that process 🙂

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