In lieu of content… PHOTOS!

Sorry folks, I sort of fell into a disorganised sludge again. But I had a nice Christmas and an excellent New Year – I hope you can say the same for whatever celebrations you celebrated, if you celebrated any celebrations.

In lieu of content, proof that I have been exercising my rusty photographic skills:

Grey sky, sea and rocks

Malua Bay – South Coast NSW

A view across Kiama harbour to a wharf - rocks and seaweed in foreground

Kiama – South Coast NSW

A view down Illawarra Road, with Sydney skyline in the distance

Sydney skyline viewed from near the top of the Warren, Marrickville. Also, a forest of pedestrian signs.

A wall with a plaque commemorating the three services and wartime nurses. Graffiti celebrating Occupy Wall St

The juxtaposition of the anarchist graffiti* against the old RSL wall is… cool, but a little unsettling.

* Not that Occupy Wall St = Anarchy, it’s that the local graffiti artists on this block are both anarchists and Occupy sympathisers. For reasons I cannot really comprehend, they oppose efforts to turn the abandoned RSL into appartment blocks and advocate violence against landlords. Those bits of graffiti are uglier and less intriguingly placed, though.


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